3 Real Threats RFID Technology Is Helping Solve

One of the earliest and most prolific use of RFID technology has been in agriculture. Tracking and inventoring livestock, mostly in the cattle industry and to a lesser degree in the hog industry has been around now for awhile. But currently, RFID tagging is used in all sorts of venues for all sorts of purposes. Often, its use is for clearly humanitarian purposes that overshadow more distant economic goals.  Such is the case for its use in the three examples below.

Understanding the Different Types of RFID Tags

There are primarily three basic types of RFID tags that are familiar to most consumers who use the technology: active, passive, and semi-passive.  When considering purchase of tags for different scenarios, pinpointing which kind of tag to use and integrate into an operation can be tricky. So let’s compare using some facts and a few examples knowing full well that, in many cases, the individual situation and the pocketbook often make the decision on which tag goes into what operation.