RFID tags

RFID Technology Offers Many Benefits

If you own a business or even if you’re in charge of a certain unit within an enterprise, you probably want to know what and how many assets are there, where are they located, who is using them, etc. How many times a year do you count your inventory? Once? Maybe twice? And how accurate do you think it is?

Asset tracking is essential for any business and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can often be the perfect way to count that inventory.

Understanding Differences Between RFID Labels

Modern RFID labels these days are often referring specifically designed and maufactured RFID adhesive backed tags or stickers.

In each RFID tag is a chip, antenna and usually the material those items are adhered to, these three items are often referred to as the inlay. RFID tags and labels incorporate the inlays into the tag construction during the converting process adding additional materials for protection and functionality along with print and graphics to help identify, match and, perhaps, brand the the tag for the company for which they were produced.