RFID Applications

RFID Flex Hard Tag

The Flex Hard Tag has been specifically designed for assets that need a rugged, yet flexible, polymer RFID tag that is more cost effective than traditional hard tags and has reliable, consistent read range performance.

Reusable containers, pallets and other mobile assets are exposed to a wide variety of environment and working conditions. Abrasion, UV exposure, dirt and moisture can affect the durability and longevity of your RFID tags.

3 Reasons RFID Tags Maintain Business Health

Intimate association with identification tags came for some at reception during military boot camp.  On issue, the identification tag, or dog tag, bearing the soldier’s name, serial number, blood type and religious affiliation, often, then, was continuously worn throughout the tour of duty. 

In cases too many to mention, the identification tag helped preserve the service person’s health, life and relationship to the world.  It was one source of security for those in the trenches.

Case Study: Valley Chrome Improves Work In Process Using Universal Micro RFID Tag

Valley Chrome Plating in Clovis, California is a leading manufacturer of chrome plated aftermarket diesel truck parts like bumpers, cab panels, visors and other various decorative chrome items that go on semi-trucks.


Producing over 300 bumpers a day at their facility, the management and coordination of the production process in a timely manner was becoming a challenge using their current system.