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RFID Tags and Labels

Your RFID Sample Packet Will Include

  1. Metalcraft RFID Product Guide
  2. Standard RFID Samples
  3. Hang Tags, Acess Control & Universal RFID Samples

Our RFID tags can be used in almost any application:

  • Standard Asset Tracking
  • RFID Mounted on Metal
  • Durable & Outdoor Usage
  • Rearview, Windshield and Key Fobs
  • RFID Access Control, Wristbands, Credential Tags
  • Sample packs are mailed within 1 business day & you can expect delivery in 2-5 business days.

Customer Service

A Metalcraft RFID expert will reach out to confirm you received the sample labels and follow-up on any questions.

If you have questions, call us at PH: 641-423-9460 


What Makes Metalcraft Passive RFID Tags & Labels Better


RFID TagsNo matter the ID application, we have a solution or help you to develop one. 

Our RFID tags are leaders in durability and reliability in the industry and will exhibit a positive ROI. Our RFID products fit any application or situation including:

- Universal & Universal Mini Asset Tag (Mount Anywhere)
- NFC Tags (Near Field Communications)
- Onsite Printable Tags
- Durable Universal Hard Tags for Harsh Environments
- Affixed Windshield & Destructible Windshield Tags

Metalcraft's RFID tags and labels are ideal for asset tracking applications on non-metal and metal surfaces that require attachment directly to the asset. The construction completely encapsulates the inlay sealing it from environmental conditions that could have an adverse effect on the performance and the life of the RFID tag.


RFID TagsRFID Tags For Any Environment or Application

We also offer RFID tags and labels in a variety of different sizes and styles. 

We offer both preprinted and on-site printable RFID options to accommodate any type of tracking or work-in-process application.

No matter the size of the asset we have a label option to fit your needs or can custom design a solution to fit the exact specifications. We offer a wide array of UHF Gen2 RFID tags that will work and perform well in any implemented RFID system.

Our wide array of Universal RFID tags provide great read range and application flexibility with the ability to be placed on any type of surface: metal, glass, wood, plastic, cardboard

What Our Customers Think


"Metalcraft's engineers exceeded our required read range with their custom tags. RFID provides visibility, confidence and, most importantly, efficiency. Our engineers are very satisfied with what we've accomplished."

Engineering Manager Ray Madaia, Motorola Engineering Shared Services

"We had a 'tag-off’. We set up a reader and a gate, and we gathered different tag technologies from a few providers to see what would work best for the 12 to 20-foot read range we were seeking. This was what put the tags from Metalcraft over the top. Metalcraft's windshield tag had the best performance and appearance, and their pre-commissioned tags were really perfect for this environment.”

Jeff Swann, Owner at Pss

"The team stayed connected with me. Metalcraft showed great interest in our challenge and kept working to create an RFID label at a cost we could live with."

Raymond Roselle, founding partner at Cruz Thru Carwash


The Metalcraft Difference

Metalcraft Tags & Labels
Metalcraft Production Facility in Mason City, Iowa

At Metalcraft we thrive on challenges. Our mission is to understand the customers' ID application even better than they do to deliver a superior customer experience. Let us know how we can help with your next RFID or barcode asset tracking project.



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