Request RFID Samples

Fill out the information below and we will send samples free of charge for you to test for your application. 

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RFID Tags and Labels

Your RFID Sample Packet Will Include

  1. Metalcraft RFID Product Guide
  2. Standard RFID Samples
  3. Hang Tags, Acess Control & Universal RFID Samples

Our RFID tags can be used in almost any application:

  • Standard Asset Tracking
  • RFID Mounted on Metal
  • Durable & Outdoor Usage
  • Rearview, Windshield and Key Fobs
  • RFID Access Control, Wristbands, Credential Tags
  • Sample packs are mailed within 1 business day & you can expect delivery in 2-5 business days.

Customer Service

A Metalcraft RFID expert will reach out to confirm you received the sample labels and follow-up on any questions.

If you have questions, call us at PH: 641-423-9460