Metalcraft Launches RFID Temperature Sensor Kit

RFID Temperature Sensor

Akit_photo_png.pngre you wondering if temperature sensor tags are for you? Metalcraft is making it easy for you to "try before you buy" with its new ReadySense Temperature Sensor Kit.

The kit comes with a carrying case, a Zebra Mobile Reader, a password to download a mobile app for either Android or IOS, a USB charging cor and 25 temperature sensor tags.

The passive temperature sensors use a specially designed microchip to identify temperature and the tags can be affixed or embedded into most materials. 

See the RFID Temperature Sensor Kit in Action


Common Passive RFID Temperature Sensor Applications

Industrial and Manufacturing RFID Sensing

Temperature monitoring protects motors, bearings and other parts embedded in temperature tags can monitor temperature of drying or curing products to detect mold or bacterial growth.

Cold Chain RFID Applications

RFID temperature tags can live in trucks, refrigerators or thermal bags, supporting long-term monitoring of food and medicine.

Agriculture RFID Sensing

The tags allow you to monitor temperature in greenhouses and other growing environments.

For more information about the ReadySense Temperature Sensor Kit click to the product page here or download the market sheet below. For additional questions give us a call at 800-437-5283 or 641-423-9460 to talk to an ID Specialist.