RFID News & Notes

DuraDestruct Tamper Evident RFID Tag

Metalcraft Announces DuraDestruct RFID Tags For Security Applications

Mon, Sep 9, 2020
Metalcraft introduced tamper proof DuraDestruct RFID tags for applications needing long read range with durable, secure identity. The tags strengthen…
3 ways to use RFID for vehicle tracking

3 Ways To Use RFID For Vehicle Tracking

Fri, Sep 9, 2020
From gated communities to waste disposal sites to car washes, access control and other types of vehicle tracking applications have emerged as an…
How are RFID tags made

How Are RFID Tags Made?

Mon, Aug 8, 2020
RFID is an acronym for “radio frequency identification” and it has been in use since the early 1940s. RFID has come a long way  - the technology has…
RFID in the age of COVID-19

5 Ways To Use RFID In The Age Of COVID-19

Mon, Aug 8, 2020
RFID has widespread applications in the everyday world, and now in the age of COVID-19, RFID can be a vital tool to assist in certain situations. We…
What is RFID

RFID Technology Offers Many Benefits

Mon, Jul 7, 2020
If you own a business or even if you’re in charge of a certain unit within an enterprise, you probably want to know what and how many assets are…
RFID For Inventory

Take Control Of Your Inventory With RFID

Tue, May 5, 2020
Imagine walking into a room with an RFID reader and just pressing a button to complete a physical inventory that used to take hours or even days to…
Top reasons to use RFID in manufacturing

RFID Offers Many Advantages To Manufacturing Industry

Tue, Apr 4, 2020
One of the questions we’re often asked is in which industry segment do we have the largest customer base for RFID? The answer is obvious, but the…
Apple expands use of RFID NFC

Apple Expands Near Field Communication (NFC) Capabilities

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
In 2012 when the Apple iPhone 5 launched, many Apple users were disappointed that NFC was not included as a feature. True to form, using its closed…
LF, HF, UHF frequencies: what's the difference?

LF, HF, UHF Frequency: What’s the Difference?

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
When choosing an RFID tag, one important but not-often-thought-of decision to make is the frequency of the tag. Which do you choose?  low…
Save time, increase profit using RFID technology.

RFID Helps Squeeze More Time Out of the Day

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
More commonly than ever before, RFID technology takes a part in everyday life. Most people, whether or not they like it, live by the clock: every…
Metalcraft launching new RFID security tag

Metalcraft to Launch New RFID Security Tag

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Consumers tend to believe in the integrity of most of the people and products they come into contact with and use. Occasionally, however, the…
Tool tracking

Even Ben Franklin Knew the Importance of Tool Tracking

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
“Lost time is never found again.”  ― Benjamin Franklin This quote attributed to Ben Franklin, who, along with  many impressive accomplishments,…
RFID Inlay

RFID Inlays Have Many Components

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
The RFID labeling solutions Metalcraft can provide using RFID passive tags are amazing. A business’ ability to manage warehouse inventory, delivery…
Universal Micro RFID Case Study Valley Chrome

Case Study: Valley Chrome Improves Work In Process Using Universal Micro RFID Tag

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Valley Chrome Plating in Clovis, California is a leading manufacturer of chrome plated aftermarket diesel truck parts like bumpers, cab panels,…
Using RFID in Retail

RFID In Retail Can Boost Sales

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
RFID is not a fringe technology anymore: the statistics prove it. The boon it has become to retailers both online and in brick and mortar stores…
RFID Converting

RFID Converting

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Many converting companies now incorporate electronics in their finished products. Label converting produces RFID labels that incorporate RFID chips…
RFID System Real Time Reads

Do RFID Systems Read In Real Time?

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
When considering an RFID system, one of the most attractive features is its ability to provide data in real time. But what is real time, since…
Water proof tags

Mother Nature's No Match For RFID Weather-Proof Tags

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Metalcraft RFID weather-proof tags are tough and reliable, providing a weather proof option to meet your RFID labeling needs. So much so that we can’…
Passive RFID Temperature Sensors

How Passive RFID Temperature Sensors Work

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Adding to our series of posts around Passive Sensors and Passive Moisture Sensors, in this article we take a look at another popular type of passive…
Choosing Right RFID System

Choosing the Right RFID System

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
RFID systems have their place in small and large enterprises by providing data to inform businesses of loss of productivity due to human frailty,…
Understanding Differences in RFID Tags

Understanding Differences Between RFID Labels

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Modern RFID labels these days are often referring specifically designed and maufactured RFID adhesive backed tags or stickers. In each RFID tag is a…
Small RFID Tags

How Small RFID Tags Can Help Track Assets

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Metalcraft’s  1 7/8“ x ⅝”” Universal Micro RFID Tag is considered a small rfid tag in the industry and is definitely one of the smallest tag on the…
Passive Sensors | How Passive RFID Sensors Work

Passive Sensors - A Guide To Passive Sensing Tags

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Here at Metalcraft we produce many types of tags and labels, and we’ve developed many custom products to meet ID challenges. We know the value of a…
Viper RFID Converting

The Viper - RFID Converting For Quick Lead Times

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Vipers can strike in, somewhere, between 50 and 90 milliseconds. Commonly thought, humans blink in approximately 100 milliseconds. According to Kyle…
Passive RFID Tag

Construction of Passive RFID Tags

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
There are lots of different types of RFID tags (See Understanding the Different Types of RFID Tags) but a question we often answer is what makes up a…
Identification Tags- HealthyGuidelines

3 Reasons RFID Tags Maintain Business Health

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Intimate association with identification tags came for some at reception during military boot camp.  On issue, the identification tag, or dog tag,…
RFID Hang Tag

Hang Tags Get Better Using RFID

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Hang Tag Composition Take the RFID hang tag’s composition, for instance.  Most hang tags are made of some type of polymer, perhaps the usual…
Used parts and wheels

7 Ways RFID Could Improve Work In Process For Conveyor Systems

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
The everyday WIP bugs of manufacturing and logistical commerce are real, everywhere, and anything but fun. The little devils need to be banished.…
Guitar Manufacturer Work in Process

RFID & Work In Process: A Partnership in Efficiency

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Today, RFID is everywhere in partnership with Work In Process applications (WIP). This partnership leads to benefits in business operations that are…
Asset Numbering & RFID EPC Codes

How RFID EPC Codes Work

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
When using electronic asset numbering, RFID technology identifies assets to enable operations of all sorts to improve their ROI. Financial returns…
RFID Tag Numbering

RFID Numbering Options

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Customers for RFID tag technology will find numerous options when purchasing tags. Choices usually depend upon the cost, the application and the…
RFID Sensor Tags

RFID Sensors - How Passive RFID Is Changing Industries

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
For decades RFID tag technology has been justifying itself by confirming the existence of assets. But only recently, have passive tags become a…
Flex Hard Tag

Best Asset Tags For Plastic Containers & Pallets [RFID & Non-RFID]

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Returnable asset tracking including containers, pallets, toes and other mobile assets are vital to a company's supply chain and delivery fulfillment…
IML Labels For Injection Molding


Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Making its debut as the answer to identifying reusable goods permanently, RFID IML labels (In Mould Labels) presents itself as an uncompromising…
Types of RFID Tags

Understanding the Different Types of RFID Tags

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
There are primarily three basic types of RFID tags that are familiar to most consumers who use the technology: active, passive, and semi-passive.  …
Universal Micro RFID Asset Tag

Universal Micro RFID Asset Tag - Small RFID Tag, Big Read Range

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
The Universal Micro Asset Tag measuring at 1 7/8" x 5/8" is a great solution to your identification projects that require a small RFID tag with great…
RFID Protecting Students

RFID Tracking Technology Is Keeping Your Kids Safe

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Already college campuses throughout North America are experimenting with RFID technology as a means of keeping track of the whereabouts of their…
Universal RFID Asset Tags

Metalcraft's RFID Tags Tops In Industry Reports Study

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
As RFID technology continues to mature, more companies are looking to implement the technology. RFID asset management is highly efficient and easy to…
RFID Converting

How to Work with an RFID Converter

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
If you are a VAR or a systems integrator, you're probably considering RFID projects, and beginning to study RFID label converters such as Metalcraft…
RFID For Fixed Asset Managment & Warehouse Inventory

RFID in Fixed Asset Management & Warehouse Inventory

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Fixed asset management using RFID tracking is effective in maintaining the viability of any business operation.  Whether used for traditional asset…
Voter Polling Place Sign

4 Ways RFID Could Improve Election Processes

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
In general, when people think about Work In Process (WIP), an operation with an assembly line comes to mind with tangible inputs being changed into…
RFID technology helps figure out colony collapse in bees.

3 Real Threats RFID Technology Is Helping Solve

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
One of the earliest and most prolific use of RFID technology has been in agriculture. Tracking and inventoring livestock, mostly in the cattle…
RFID Flex Hard Tag

RFID Flex Hard Tag

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
The Flex Hard Tag has been specifically designed for assets that need a rugged, yet flexible, polymer RFID tag that is more cost effective than…
Standard RFID Tag

What Are RFID Tags

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
It comes as no surprise, we humans are fallible. We forget what’s in our closets. We misplace our cell phones. We’d lose our heads if they weren’t…
RFID wristband

RFID Wristbands For Event Management

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Whether an individual is hosting a music festival, purveying tickets at a water park, managing a multi-day, multi-session conference or orchestrating…
School Inventory Tracking

School Inventory Made Easier Utilizing RFID Tracking

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that you often hear about and how it holds great promise for a lot of applications and systems…
RFID Converting with the Viper

RFID Converting With the Viper

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
Metalcraft continues to invest in the latest equipment and technology to provide its customers with superior RFID tags and label products.   The…

RFID NFC Tag Basics

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
The current buzz word of all in the RFID space is "NFC". NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a wireless communication built on the…
Rfid Converter

Finding the Right RFID Converter

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
An important issue for VARs and Integrators to consider when choosing the right RFID tag converter is that you need to understand your RFID label…
RFID Vehicle Tracking

RFID Vehicle Tracking Applications

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
When selecting or designing an RFID label for your vehicle tracking application ask yourself these questions. Will a passive tag work? Contrary to…
RFID tags or Barcode Labels - Choices and Possibilities

RFID Tags or Barcode Labels - Which is the Better Asset Tag Solution?

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
RFID tags or barcode labels? It's the age old question and depending on who you ask and what their relationship is to that particular tracking…
Asset Tagging Application

Asset Tag Application Instruction Video

Thu, Feb 2, 2020
There is always a right way and a wrong way to do things and that includes applying asset tags and labels.  Watch our demonstration video to make…
RFID Temperature Sensor

Metalcraft Launches RFID Temperature Sensor Kit

Wed, Feb 2, 2020
Are you wondering if temperature sensor tags are for you? Metalcraft is making it easy for you to "try before you buy" with its new ReadySense…