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IT assets are ideal for an RFID tracking system – they can be mobile, expensive and contain valuable information. At Metalcraft we get asked a lot of questions about RFID for specific applications and have complied some of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to RFID for IT Asset Tracking below. If you don’t see the question you would like answered please email us at faq@universalrfid.com and we’ll make sure to get you the answers you need.

Why is IT asset tracking different than regular asset tracking?

Tracking IT assets can be more difficult than tracking other assets for a couple of different reasons. First, IT assets are typically metal and require a tag designed to read on metal surfaces. Second, many IT assets are mobile and may be rotated between slots in racks, test labs for maintenance or loaned to other departments/facilities.

What read range can I expect from RFID tags mounted on metal?

Depending on the tag orientation to the reader antenna and the tag selected you can expect a 6 to 20 foot read ranges. If the read range is too long you can dial down the power level on the reader to reduce the read range.

I want to read a stack of Chrome books in cases. Where would I attach the tags?

We would recommend attaching the tags to the exposed edges.

Can I read a lot of tags at once?

Yes, that is one of the main benefits of using RFID technology. In order to maximize the number of tags being read tags should be slightly separated and reasonably parallel to the reader antenna.

Can I read just one tag when there are a lot of tags in the area?

Yes, there are a couple of different ways this can be accomplished. First, you can enter the serial number of the tag into the reader and search for only this number using the filter feature on the reader. Second, you can read all the tags in the field and sort the information to help find the serial number you are looking for. This option may be easier to do at the software level rather than the reader level.

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