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A2B Tracking has pioneered military-grade enterprise-class solutions for identifying, marking and tracking critical assets and managing inventory for any commercial organization or government. A2B Tracking enables total asset visibility from anywhere on the globe with our cloud-based asset management platform using RFID or barcode labels, mobile computers including Smartphones and tablets, fixed RFID readers and a broad range of services. A2B Tracking builds on 20-year track record of enabling asset management and inventory control using advanced barcode and RFID technologies.
AbeTech is a premium systems integrator of supply chain automation and inventory management systems. We increase productivity by helping you standardize, consolidate and optimize your data collection infrastructure. Core offerings include industrial wireless networking, software systems, bar code, RFID, enterprise mobile computing, automated labeling, automation systems, supplies and services. Serving over 25% of the Fortune 500 and over 23 years in business, you can rest knowing AbeTech is a low risk partner. Our clients rely on our experience as a competitive advantage in designing, deploying and supporting solutions that effectively align with their goals and enhance their business processes increasing profitability.
Atlas RFID Solutions, Inc. was founded to bridge the gap between the firms that are developing RFID technology and the firms that stand to benefit the most from implementing RFID. Rather than focusing on the individual components necessary to employ an effective RFID system, Atlas focuses on the entire system itself. We develop, integrate, and maintain customized RFID-based systems for clients throughout the world.
Barcoding, Inc. is a supply chain automation and innovation company that enables organizations to be more efficient, accurate and connected. RFID by Barcoding is a dedicated practice within Barcoding, Inc. for the design, development, implementation, and advancement of Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID). Our experts have been involved with the practical implementation of RFID technology for over 200 companies in industries ranging from manufacturing and distribution to healthcare, retail, government, and education. Our mission is to empower our clients to achieve greater visibility in their business through the use of RFID technology.
CDM Software Solutions, Inc., a CERTIFIED U.S. CUSTOMS software application provider, with corporate headquarters based in Houston, TX and sales offices located in Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, Newport Beach, CA, Miami, FL and Hong Kong is a leading provider of supply chain, logistics, compliance and asset tracking/management software solutions to Logistics Providers, Energy Companies, Oil Field Service Providers, Airports, Professional Sports Teams and the Department of Defense. CDM Software Solutions product suite includes Freight Forwarding operations, NVOCC operations, Billing & Job Costing, Material Management (Export Packing) with RFID/Barcode scanning, Geo Location Services (GPS), image and signature capture, Warehouse Management with RFID/Barcode scanning, Purchase Order Management with integration to Oracle, SAP and other leading ERP systems, AES, Sea AMS, ISF (10+2), Customer, Air Carrier and Ocean Carrier EDI, Supply Chain Compliance, Supply Chain Visibility, Web Based/Mobile Based Shipment and Material Tracking and Web Based Asset Tracking including Maintenance, Inspections, Repairs and integration to all major ERP applications.
EMS Technology Solutions is the provider of Operative IQ Inventory and Asset Management solutions. Our solutions bring RFID technology to operations management, allowing companies to track assets and inventory to ensure service levels are met. We work primarily with EMS and Fire Departments and other businesses where inventory and equipment moves between vehicles and secure locations. Our IQ Genius RFID system provides in vehicle tracking of equipment and supplies using a combination of RFID Tags and GPS.
Evanhoe & Associates, Inc. is a dynamic small business that is internationally acknowledged as an expert in Automatic Identification, Asset Management and Data Collection technologies (bar codes, RFID, RTLS) and standards with strong competencies in Data Management, Software Development, Business Process Reengineering. As a SDVOSB business, with quality certifications in ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI ML2, Evanhoe delivers innovative Information Technology (IT) and Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) solutions. Our established systems engineering and management practices consistently ensure right sized, sound technical solutions. Our consulting services have been effectively applied in numerous RFID, barcoding, labeling, and IT projects for our customers in both the government and commercial industry markets. Our Business is Helping Your Business Find the Right Solutions.
Founded in 1981 by CEO Rodger Jenkins, Excalibur has grown nationally to become one of the Nations leading industry experts in wireless network security, data networking, telephony, mobile application development and software solutions. Since 1981, Excalibur Integrated Systems, Inc. has built a record of “simplifying the complex” for satisfied clients nationally and worldwide from advanced bar code scanning, software development, smart traffic grids, to complete indoor / outdoor wireless networks. Our expert team of engineers design, install, integrate and implement a broad range of flexible technology seamlessly with refreshingly simple user interfaces. As part of simplifying the complex, Excalibur technicians are recognized for clearly explaining highly technical functionalities in layman’s terms to our client. The company’s powerful solutions and systems make it easy to move vital, real-time data from the point of collection to mission critical databases and ultimately, into the hands of important decision makers. Contact Excalibur today at 1-800-899-8451 and let our staff of knowledgeable professionals assist you in solving any issues you may be experiencing.
GAO RFID offers one of the world’s largest selections of RFID hardware and systems across all RFID technologies. We are known throughout the industry for our large selection of RFID hardware such as tags and readers that cover a large range of frequencies including Active 2.45 GHz, Gen 2 UHF 865-868 MHz, 902-928 MHz, High Frequency 13.56 MHz, and Low Frequency 125 KHz/134 kHz, all designed with the leading edge in mind to offer amazing benefits. With over 20 years of experience and over 1000 RFID systems deployed in more than 40 countries, we bring you peace of mind knowing our engineers right down to our sales staff are knowledgeable and can provide you with reliable RFID hardware and systems.
Hayes Software Systems specializes in providing industry-leading solutions focused on asset management and inventory control. The results are increased efficiencies, time and cost savings, and powerful reporting. By specializing in K-12 for the last 27 years, Hayes has delivered solutions that meet the unique needs of over 7,000 schools, including 33 of the largest 100 districts in the country. Our inventory management products, services and RFID solutions are designed from the ground up specifically for that task, backed by a company that lives and breathes inventory control every day.
IMS helps organizations more effectively and comprehensively manage their fixed assets, by conducting inventories, providing tracking and depreciation software, conducting software training and data conversions, providing barcode labels and scanners, providing RFID tags and readers, and developing and implementing customized operating procedures. Please read our customer testimonials at:
inLogic is a leading provider of RFID asset tracking software that saves time, reduces operating costs, and improves fixed asset visibility for Education, Government, Defense, Aerospace, Research, and private-sector organizations. Our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software platform, RFTrack.NET, automates fixed asset inventories, helps locate missing assets, improves asset utilization, and tracks the movement of assets to improve visibility. RFTrack.NET is designed to easily integrate with Financial, Asset Management, ERP, and other back-end systems to automate the physical tracking of fixed assets.
JPL RFID offers the most advanced Asset Management, Tracking-Tracing Software and Hardware solutions on the market today. We take the guesswork out of managing assets and inventory. Cloud based solutions provide 24/7 Global Access for asset information, reporting, compliance and peace of mind. JPL can help increase productivity, reduce costs and increase profitability. The Oil & Gas Industry is very advanced in terms of technology. However, regulatory compliance, data collection and asset management is typically done using pen, paper, and spreadsheets. JPL RFID immediately brings our clients into the 21st century with innovative asset tracking/data management solutions, GPS location tracking, mapping, safety and regulatory compliance.
OGTech, an affiliate of the highly praised Osman Group (http://www.osman.net/og/ogtech.php), is specialized in the field of Electronics and Information Technology. We have helped introduce and pioneer Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologyto the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, with a special emphasis on Egypt.
Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS) is a leading provider of user configurable, data collection software for barcode and RFID systems. Through its market leading applications, PTS provides RFID and mobile solutions for any kind of organization, any type of system and any budget. PTS software requires no programming experience, enabling users of any ability to create enterprise class RFID applications in minutes. Organizations that utilize PTS software add tremendous efficiencies to their IT staff by shortening application development cycle time and decreasing costs. From Fixed RFID reading applications featuring ClearStream RFID software to Mobile RFID tracking solutions featuring TracerPlus, PTS has the tools you need to get your RFID Applications deployed quickly and under budget. PTS can assist you in configuring your RFID Applications to work seamlessly with your pre-existing software systems.
Quatred LLC is a systems integrator and solution provider, assisting clients in the implementation of advanced “Touchless Technologies”©. We are committed to being a leader in deploying these technologies and integrating with applications and business processes that make use of them, across all industries. Quatred represents decades of real-world project experience over hundreds of successful implementations. We design, develop, deploy and support comprehensive solutions for our national and international clients. Our team has been put to the test repeatedly and has consistently delivered complete systems incorporating touchless technologies, including: Wireless, Radio Frequency Identification, Asset Tracking, Bar Coding, Mobile Computing, Plant Floor Integration, and License Plate Recognition.
A HUB certified minority business headquartered in Austin, Texas, Radiant RFID was founded in 2004 at a time when passive and active RFID were used mainly to track packages and pallets in corporate supply chains. Although RFID solutions have been deployed since the 1970s, the usages of this technology are recently expanding, and Radiant is one of the driving forces behind this advancement. At our research and development facility, we use passive RFID technology to implement cutting-edge solutions that automate asset tracking and management in a wide variety of situations. As one of the fastest growing RFID companies in the industry, more organizations trust Radiant RFID with what matters most. Radiant’s high performance technology solutions, coupled with world-class, U.S.-based service and support, keep tabs on your assets so you can focus on everything else.
RAID Labs, based at the University of Texas at Arlington, works with integrated RFID test and prototype systems and equipment such as Alien, Impinj, Intermec, RFCode, and Ubisense for applications in healthcare, military and distribution organizations and environments. The lab uses RFID specialty trained engineering students to perform company RFID readiness assessments, logistics audits, and RFID system situational testing. The lab also conducts research in RFID technology development and RFID knowledge educational training.
RFIQ specializes in providing custom designed UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions for various customers and industries. We use world-class technology and established strategic alliances to offer you the best in terms of products and services. This is not limited to our suppliers, but includes companies that make use of our consulting services as well. We are a proud supporter of Metalcraft RFID solutions and have the ability to make these world-leading products available to you across the continent of Africa.
Servicios de Automatización RFID is a Venezuelan company, formed by professionals with experience on industrial, residential and commercial automation, committed to offer highest quality services for integration to allow our customers to maximize their return of investment, improve their processes and have access to their plant information whenever, wherever and the way they want it. Auto-identification based on RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is our main offering. Our technical team is CompTIA RFID+ certified as a proof of our quality.
Sunflower Systems is an enterprise asset management solutions company specializing in the deployment of software tools and business processes to improve lifecycle asset management operations. Sunflower’s portfolio of solutions enables organizations to reduce costs, improve decision‐making, accountability and regulatory compliance for all types of assets. The Sunflower solution suite also includes scanners, mobile PC’s, asset labels, RFID technologies and a wide range of services including software implementation, training, consulting and operational support. Sunflower Systems supports the property management needs of federal government agencies, universities, government contractors, national laboratories, corporations, and law enforcement organizations.
Technologies Plus is a closely held company that was founded in 1976. Our mission is to quickly and courteously provide you with the best identification solutions using proven barcode/RFID products, services & supplies. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to build long lasting relationships or partnerships with our corporate and small business clients. The knowledge we gain by listening to our clients allows us to grow with them and anticipate their emerging needs, with useful, cost effective, time and budget saving processes, products & supplies.
TRACCA LIMITED is a comprehensive Fixed Assets Management Solution company since 2007. TRACCA is the evolution of over 10,000 man hours of development, with feedback from some of the best fixed asset managers serving our esteemed customers like Barclays Bank, Access Bank, Nestle, Unilever and more. Tracca provides complete Fixed Asset & Inventory Tracking solutions that enables users to conduct comprehensive, cost-effective physical audits. Barcode labels attached to fixed assets and inventory items and handheld scanning devices are required to conduct the physical audit.
Verasset Corporation is a global leader in full life cycle asset management solutions. We integrate professional physical asset inventory services and data reconciliation, cutting edge software systems, and work with industry leading manufacturers of automatic data capture technologies to simplify automating the tracking and managing of assets throughout their lifespan.