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RFID at a car wash – sure, why not? Using RFID with an automated system is the perfect way to optimize unlimited wash/loyalty programs. Add your logo/unique design for additional advertising too! At Metalcraft we get asked a lot of questions about RFID for specific applications and have complied some of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to RFID for Car Washes below. If you don’t see the question you would like answered please email us at faq@universalrfid.com and we’ll make sure to get you the answers you need.

Should I mount the RFID tag on the inside or outside of the car and why does it matter?

We recommend mounting the RFID tag inside the car because it is more secure and resistant to damage from windshield wipers, ice and other environmental conditions as well as possible vandalism.

How can I maximize read range for the tag and reader?

Tag location and reader orientation greatly impact read range.

How can I make it hard for the user to switch the tag out of the car it was intended for?

Mounting the tags on the inside of the vehicle is one way you can deter moving the tag from one car to another. There are also security features which can be designed into the tag in order to make tag removal more difficult like security slits or using a destructible material. In both cases if tag removal is attempted the RFID antenna can tear and detune the tag which dramatically reduces he read range.

Will an RFID tag survive the high temperatures we see inside vehicles?

Metalcraft RFID Windshield tags are constructed using materials which have operating temperatures well above those generated on a 100+ degree day inside a closed vehicle.

Does RFID work the same with all windshields?

Not all windshields have the same metal content and this can impact the read range which is why it is very important to test tags on a variety of different windshields to ensure optimal performance.

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